What is mud?

Mud means ‘wet soil with moisture’,
which is formed by geographic and chemical disintegration of microorganism for long time as clay containing mud, breakdown product of animal and plant, earth and salts have been accumulated.

Types of mud

There are various types of mud and especially 'dead sea salt of Israel', 'glacier mud of Colombia coast, Canada', 'Baikal of Russia', 'clare mud of California' and 'volcano mud of New zealand' are well-known. Korea has been relying on importing whole quantity.

Boryeong mud Korea's first localization of mud ingredient (Launched in 1996)

of mud

It contains mud powder made of processed high-quality ocean mud from coast around Boryeong Daecheon beach and mud water extracted from mud powder, which has excellent efficacy for anti-aging, skin waste removal and skin care. It is on the market with quality gaurantee in Boryeong-si through OEM production by a famous cosmetic company of Korea.

Use of mud

According to history, mud has been used for skin care and skin condition, for example, as it was used for mud makeup of Cleopatra and white clay powder of China. Even today, it influences widely across human living such as cosmetic ingredient, skin care, dyeing clothing and sauna.

Efficacy of mud

mud has abundant active ingredients including natural mineral that prevents skin aging,mineral substances
that provides skin with vitality and elasticity to make young and refreshing skin, colloid and crystal which can be used for
physcial treatment by sand bath or sauna. Its anti-bacteria and inhibiting bacteria also have remarkable effect for traumatherapy.

Skin care
Skin waste removal
Skin regeneration
blood circulation
This is a component and effect guide.
Ingredient Effectiveness (effect)
far infrared ray
  • Activate cell, dilate capillary, promote blood circulation and metabolism, eliminate various waste from skin
  • Make every body cell healthy and vital
  • Skin contraction by mysterious substance which is good for human body, It gives elasticity and refreshing
  • Skin contraction by mysterious substance which is good for human body, It gives elasticity and refreshing
  • Promoting blood circulation and metabolism as a main ingredient of cosmet
  • osmotic regulation, maintain water balance
  • Promote waste removal, Work for collagen bond
  • Remove waste and excessive sebum in pore
  • Osmotic regulation, Water balance, Soothing
  • Detoxification, Stress constraint