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THe 15th Boryeong Mud festival(2012.7.14 ~ 7.24 / 11days )
Growth and expansion proceeds donated to specify the SNS to promote financial independence, such as the increasing marketing efforts to promote the increased visitors, KBS, including live performances and different drawn green groove connection and operation of associated program to attract tourists to participate, provided that the ratings do said.
THe 14th Boryeong Mud festival(2011.7.16 ~ 7.24 )
Established the Foundation Act is an attempt to achieve viable and that some programs, such as payable holroseogi Boryeong Mud Festival was successful evaluation accepted.
THe 13th Boryeong Mud festival(2010.7.17 ~ 7.25 )
Evaluate the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Festival in the nation for three consecutive years since 2008 Republic of Korea, as well as representatives selected by Festival and Events Association in 2007 from the World Festival (IFEA, International Festivals & Events Association) 3 different categories over the gold, silver, bronze award found.
THe 12th Boryeong Mud festival(2009.7.11 ~ 7.19 )
2 years chosen from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Korea as a representative in Dalian, China International geumseoktan geumseoktan Boryeong Mud festival South Korea Republic of Korea's first No. 1 record exports emerge as a global festival was focused worldwide media attention in the world of luxury Festival hayeoteum entry into the ranks.
THe 11th Boryeong Mud festival(2008.7.12~7.20)
Selected representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Republic of Korea mud festival t-shirt with the official founding of the Sea Festival Dance rogosong and logo development to improve the festival was a new attempt if Boryeong mud, the festival was to announce, you Boryeong Mud Festival.
THe 10th Boryeong Mud festival(2007.7.14~7.22)
From the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Festival for two consecutive years as specified by the excellent festival festival 10th anniversary at the World Festival and Events Association Sector Gold (2), (1), copper (1) the award was bound to the world's leading festivals, local active participation of residents in the festival celebrations and development hayeoteum sublimation.
THe 9th Boryeong Mud festival(2006.7.16~7.22)
Specified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Festival as a festival for best foreign picture enhancing promotional activities and programs through the development of the complement and increase the satisfaction of festival participants to the rank of the world's leading festival hayeoteum leap.
THe 8th Boryeong Mud festival(2005.7.16~7.22)
Boryeong Mud festival has been desinated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and 2004 Miss Universe Jennifer Hawins has attended as a god will ambassador. It isnew famous festival attentde by ober 32,000 foreign tourists last year.
The 7th Boryeoung Mud Festival (2004. 7. 16 ~ 7. 22 / For 7 days)
Designated as an esteemed festival by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism 2 years running for the improvement in quality of outside support including public TV broadcasts, and invitational performances. As a result, it won the Best Korean Citizen Product Award, Regional Innovation Award, and the got the best results from the Korean Festival Evaluation board.
The 6th Boryeong Mud Festival (2003. 7. 19 ~ 7. 25 / For 7 days)
It has been designated with a one step elevation of the status as an excellent festival by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. For the expansion of the experience event, the training experience and the beach marathon contests have been additionally operated on the beaches of the nearby coastal roadsides. Large-scale prior PR activities have been strengthened, including the improvement of the images by having the heads of the organizational bodies and the program staff participate in the wearing of the mud character costumes, the special edition live broadcasts on Joongang Broadcasting, the full-page publications in Chosun Ilbo, the construction of the homepage of the festival, etc.
The 5th Boryeong Mud Festival (2002. 7. 20 ~ 7. 26 / For 7 days)
As an authorized festival by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, we unified the Mud House and event place under the concept of Boryeong Mud Cosmetic Globalization. It raised the very interest in the festival and promoted safety for participants as we diversified programs represented by the festivals concept such as Self Massage at the beach, Mud King contest and etc. and made various air-bounce attendance by equipments. Even, as we developed festival character products and sold with an exhibition, the foreigners has remarkably increased. Including 11,960 foreign visitors, there were 1,065,000 visitors.
The4th Boryeong Mud Festival (2001. 7. 14 ~ 7. 20 / For 6 days)
In the Fourth Boryeong Mud Festival, we reduced expensive and simple viewing performance events and enlarged Visitors experiential events. Especially, many foreign visitors were surely satisfied with the events and it proved the international potential of sightseeing. Furthermore, people could have a chance to get a massage and watch the exhibition sales for Mud Cosmetic not only during the festival but also for the whole year as we built a Mud House, the core of Mud Festival.
The 3rd Boryeong Mud Festival (2000. 7. 14 ~ 7. 17 / For 4 days)
The Third Boryeong Mud Festival authorized by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism and diversified the experiential event under the concept of mud and beauty , held Beautiful Skin Contest with Mud and provided free shuttle bus service in the tourist resort within the jurisdiction of Boryeong. As a result of these big events, there were 540,000 visitors and among them, foreigners occupied 93%. It was evaluated the festival settled as a representative one in summer.
The 2nd Boryeong Mud Festival (1999. 7. 15 ~ 7. 18 / For 4 days)
Improving the problem of the festival in 1998, we had a chance to upgrade the level of the festival one more step. Especially, we enlarged the experiential event program such as Mud sliding and Rodeo and as a result of that, 89% of visitors were tourists during the festival. Among cultural sightseeing festivals, the highest satisfaction was the tourism inducement and the experiential event.
The 1st Boryeong Mud Festival (1998. 7. 16 ~ 7. 19 / For 4 days)
We held Manse Boryeong Cultural Festival at Daecheon swimming beach for the first time during the high-demand season to inform Boryeong Mud Cosmetic and visiting places within the jurisdiction including Daecheon swimming beach as upgrading the festival to international. That is, Manse Boryeong Cultural Festival promoted the symbolic meaning for Mud publicity work and popularity, the principal product of Boryeong, at the event focused on residents and we also tried to establish the festival as a sound sightseeing and developed sightseeing products.

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