Production of Ocean Therapy
Production process of Boryeong Mud ingredient
If mud is mixed in a product as it was taken from tideland, it significantly lowers product stability by instability of particle and microorganism.
As natural mud has corrosive substances such as various types of seaweed and shelfish that naturally have been accumulated,
it is used as a cosmetic ingredient after going cleaning, drying, grinding and sterilizing.
  • Take mud in Gungpo-ri, Cheonbuk-myeon
    Take mud
    Gungpo-ri, Cheonbuk-myeon
  • Dry outside 2~3 months, Desalt
    Dry outside
    2~3 months, Desalt
  • Mud stock solution
    Mud stock solution
  • air grinding Air injection pressure
    air grinding
    Air injection pressure
  • Stock solution storage Stock solution tank
    Stock solution storage
    Stock solution tank
  • Clinical trial Skin irritation test (KTR)
    Clinical trial
    Skin irritation test (KTR)
  • Mud powder
    Mud powder
  • 볼밀 분쇄 물과 혼합, 이물질제거
    Hot air drying
  • 원액 보관 원액 탱크
    Air grinding
    Air injection pressure
  • 임상 테스트 피부자극시험(KTR)
    Gamma sterilization
Efficacy of Ocean Therapy
Efficacy of Boryeong Mud
'Boryeong Mud' is taken from mud environment of Boryeong which is the clean and pure west coast runs along 136km of the coastline.
Its abundant mineral including silicon, calcium, natrium, magnesium is well-known
for excellent efficacy compared to any global mud ingredients.
'Mud Powder', a powder type of mud through processing,
soothe irritating and dry skin helping to recover sking barrier.
(on the episode 'Cure with nature' of KBS The secret of health 2013. 12.)
Mud cosmetics absorb sebum and remove pore waste to prevent skin aging
and make clean skin by its mud powder and mud water (sea silt extract)
made from ocean mud with abundant high-quality natural mineral.
Mud Effectiveness. Effect Mud Efficacy . Effect
  • Farinfrared radiation
    Cell activation
  • Germanium
    Skin contraction
  • Magnesium
    Collagen bond
  • Iron
    Collagen bond
  • Kalium
  • Aluminium
    Remove skin waste
  • Silicon
    Remove excessive sebum
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
    Keep water balance
Inspection by element Elements Test
Inspection by element