The 22th Boryeong Mud Festival

Go! Boryeong, Play! Mud.

Daecheon Beach Mud Plaza. July 19(Fri) ~ July 28(sun), 2019

Around gwanggwangji

  • Sashimi (Hoe)

    There are lots of restaurants where you can taste raw fishes which are various and fresh as Boryeong is located near the beach. Try it with a spicy gochujang-based sauce called chogochujang (초고추장), Ssamjang (쌈장), or wasabi sauce. You will be amazed! 

  • Blue Crab Soup ( Koatgaetang )

    If you order a big menu set, you might get this as ‘service.” It is common for travelers to godirectly to the fish market, pick out a few crabs, take them back to the place they are staying and cook them. These tasty crabs are served in a several different ways. Koatgaetang is a hot spicy crab soup which is boiled with gochujang, red chili pepper flakes and various vegetables. The blue crap strew has lots of protein which are good for children and older people as well. Try it out!

  • Webfoot Octopus (Jjou-gu-mi)

    Webfoot Octopus is chewy and savory. Fried webfoot octopus, raw webfoot octopus, and webfoot octopus mixed with vegetables are available.

  • Pen Shell Cuisine (Kijogae yori)

    This is a high-protein and low-calorie food. Due to its rich essential amino acids and iron content, it’s good for preventing anemia and coronary sclerosis. This fresh shell dish is also good for pregnant women and skin care. Roasted comb pen shell, comb pen shell stew, comb pen shell porridge, and fritters are available.

  • Grilled Oyster in Cheonbuk (Cheonbuk Gul-gui)

    Oysters from Cheonbuk are famous for unique favor and good tasty and it has protein with Vitamin A etc. It’s healthy food. Try the grilled oyster as well. 

  • Young Skate (간재미 회무침)

    Price range: KRW 25,000 ~ KRW 40,000

    This is one of the most unique dishes South Korea has to offer. Skate is a flat fish that is fermented. It is similar to shark and there is a large amount of uric acid that comes through their skin. This makes it an incredibly potent dish. It is usually served with equally strong ingredients that typically include garlic, peppers, and Kimchi.

  • Grilled Gizzard Shad (Jeoneo)

    The fragrance of grilled gizzard shad is good. There is an old saying in Korea that its scent of grilled gizzard shad is so appetizing that it brings back the daughter-in-law who ran away.

  • Grilled Jumbo Shrimp (Daeha-gui)

    Jumbo shrimp are enjoyed raw, boiled or grilled. If it is grilled with sault, the more you chew, the more flavor you will get. If you eat as a soup, the soup will be light. It will be different to blue crab soup.