The 21th Boryeong Mud Festival

Go! Boryeong, Play! Mud.

Daecheon Beach Mud Plaza. July 13(Fri) ~ July 22(sun), 2018

01The Characteristics and Pride of
Boryeong Mud Festival

From the moment you take part in the summer festival which is the largest festival held annually in
July of the global village, it is a joyful experience that allows everyone to participate in without
distinction of nationality, race, language, age, etc.


  • It is the largest foreigner-participating festival in Korea.
  • Selected as‘Korea Representative Festival ’in 2008, 2009, 2010 respectively. From the year of 2011 to now, it has been selected as Appointed as the ‘Korea Honorable and Representative Festival’ ‘Best Festival in Korea’in 2006 and the following year by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. The consecutive 3 years from 2008 to 2010, it was selected as the Republic of Korean representative festival
  • known memorable, well-being festival in Korea which takes the form of an experience themed festival where people apply mud on their body and throwing themselves on the mud
  • Mudflat extreme experience like marine training, mudflat marathon etc. such special events carry on.
  • In the main sights of Boryeong, City Tour etc.carries on, various connected and night events are hold.
  • The shell-shaped white sands of Daechon Beach allows visitors to enjoy both the water and the mud. (white sands area: length-3.5km, width 200m)
  • 2-hour drive from the urban areas and convenient transportation from countrywide allows easy-access to the location.
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism designated 2015 the name "Republic of Korea Global foster Festival"

02International Festivals and Events
Association Awards History

  • 2014 International Festivals and Event Association Best Prize (2), Silver Award (1) Excellent Award (1), Encouragement Award (1) awarded (IFEA)
  • 2014 Republic of Korea Regional Brand Award of Excellence in Festival (Safety Administration, Seoul Newspaper)
  • 2013, 1st Republic of Korea Contents Awards
  • 2012 International Festivals and Event Association
  • 2011 International Festivals and Event Association -Gold Award (1)/Programming category, Silver Award (3)/Poster, Invitation, Festival Character Product
  • 2010 International Festivals and Event Association Gold Award (2), Bronze Award (2) awarded, designed a world festival city
  • 2009 International Festivals and Event Association Gold Award (2), Bronze Award(1) awarded (IFEA)
  • 2007 International Festivals and Event Association Gold Award (2), Silver Award (1) Bronze Award (1) awarded (IFEA)
  • 2007 The 4th Korea Local Government Fair Best Prize awarded (Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, Korea Times)
  • 2006, 2007 Ministry of Sports, Culture and Tourism selected as the Best Festival
  • 2006 Korea Excellent Specialty Product Grand Prize (Korea Times)

01Origin and History

Boryeong city is the coastal area of Southwest Chungcheongnam-do province. Boryeon city has a 136km long coastline that consists of fine sea mud and its mud is rich in minerals, Germanium and Bentonite and radiates high level of far-infrared rays.Mud from Boryeong coastline is highly beneficial in skin beauty and it is also known to possess high quality mud than the mud from Dead Sea in Isreal.

Daecheon Beach, the main site of the mud festival is the best summer vacation spot in West Sea and is a 3.5km long, 100m wide, Shell beach resort famous for its moderate water temperature and gentle slopes.
Boryeong city has initiated its natural sea and mud business in 1996 developing 16 products of mud cosmetics including mud packs, but the business lacked the public awareness and recognition. To improved and vitalize its products, attract foreign tourist and promote the local economy, Boryeong city has hosted the first Korea Boryeong Mud Festival in July, 1999 and introduced tourist resources such as Daecheon Beach to the world.

  • Boryeong was found to have good quality raw material in the mud near Daecheon Beach foreshore, followed by the development of the mud cosmetics
    As a means to promote them 1st the Boryeong Mud Festival in 1998, 16 programs were held four days.
  • At the time, we concerned for the matter was unique and humble. However, for there were 30 million tourists participated in and caused
    a ripple effect on the local economy of more than 350 one million won which was beyond expectation.
  • The period of the mud festival was extended to 7 days since the fourth time to be held. Due to more and more tourists participated
    in the festival and the caused an impact on unprecedented growth of regional economy, when mentioned Boryeong, “mud” was successfully as
    the local image of 'Boryeong'
  • Among the domestic festivals in Korea, as a festival was most widely participated by foreigners, it was appointed as the ‘Best Festival in Korea’
    in 2006 and the following year by the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. The consecutive 3 years from 2008 to 2010, it was selected as the Republic of Korean
    representative festival which provided an opportunity to become a world-class festival.
  • Since 2011, Boryeong Mud Festival has been designated as "Honorary Representative Festival of Republic of Korea”, it was a year to made the festival
    grow and develop as a more global festival.
  • Since 2011, the experience facilities was charged to ensure the viability of the Mud Festival and expect to check the possibilities of financial independence.
    What is more, through various activities of participating in the street parade, Mud nanjang(머드난장) together with tourists, operating the mud experience facilities, mud mopssin(몹씬),
    night performances etc. the fame of the status of global Korean festival were also improved Republic of Korea.
  • In addition, the Boryeong Mud Festival was awarded the Pinnacle Award in the IFEA WORLD (World Festival Association), the 17th Boryeong Mud Festival was awarded totally of four awards:
    two Best Awards, one Excellent Awards and one Participation Award, made it as one 8 consecutive years win the Pinnacle Award that has been recognized as a truly global festival.
  • Thus, in 2014, the 17th Boryeong Mud Festival has had a total of 329 million tourists, among them,
    the foreign tourists has increased steadily to 280,000 and caused a ripple effect on the regional economy of 65.4 billion won.

01What is Mud?

What is Mud?
Mud, defined as ‘Sticky mixture of earth and water’, is formed by the
sedimentation of clay-like materials affected by long time of geological
and chemical work, and by microbial decomposition.
Types of Mud
Among various kinds of mud, the well-known ones include mud from the
Dead sea in Israel, glacial soil in Columbia beach of Canada, Lake Baikal
in Russia, and clay mud in California, which are main source of domestic
mud-based cosmetics.
Characteristics of Mud
The sea shore mud has be taken from Daecheon Beach of Boryeong and
processed as mud powder. Mud water is extracted mud powder which is good
at aging skin, removing waste stuffs, etc. That has a very good effect to
skin beauty. The OEM is produced from the domestic famous cosmetic corporation
that assures the sales of Boryeong products’ quality.
Usage of Mud
There is a record on mud is used in 클레오파트라(Cleopatra)’s make-up,
in China's cosmetics 백토분etc. since the ancient time to skin beauty and
cure skin diseases. Nowadays, mud is used in the material of cosmetics,
skin care, clothing dyed, sauna, etc. it has a broad impact on human daily life.
Effect of Mud
Generally, mud contains many effective components in terms of preventing
skin aging and other natural minerals. It is abundant glial component of vitality
and elasticity to skin and cultivate young and fresh skin. What is more, due to
it contains the gluey and determined components, therefore, it is also available
in the physical therapy like sand bath(모래찜질) and sauna for Anti-bacteria,
억균, there is a very effective in the treatment of trauma.
Ingredient The Function and Effect
Far-infrard radiation - Vitalizing the cell activities, expanding capillaries, vitalizing blood circulation and metabolism, helping release various wastes from inside of skin/vitalizing cells in human body
Ge(germanium) - Mystical materials that brings good effects to body, such as skin contraction and vitalizing skin elasticity
Al(alumin(i)um) - - Main source material for cosmetics that help blood circulation ad metabolism, eliminate wastes, make skin transparent
Na(natrium) - Controlling osmotic pressure and balancing water in human body
Mg(magnesium) - Help excrete wastes, used in collagen combination
Si(silicon) - Eliminating excessive wastes and sebum in pores
K(kalium) - Controlling osmotic pressure, balancing water and soothing effect
Ca(calcium) - Detoxification and releasing stresses
Fe(iron) - Used in collagen combination