The 22th Boryeong Mud Festival

Go! Boryeong, Play! Mud.

Daecheon Beach Mud Plaza. July 19(Fri) ~ July 28(sun), 2019


  • 2019
    The 22th Boryeong Mud Festival (2019.7.19 ~ 7.28 / For 10days)
  • 2018
    The 21th Boryeong Mud Festival (2018.7.13 ~ 7.22 / For 10days)
    The 21th Boryeong Mud Festival
  • 2017
    The 20th Boryeong Mud Festival (2017.7.21 ~ 7.30 / For 10days)
    The 20th Boryeong Mud Festival
  • 2016
    The 19th Boryeong Mud Festival (2016.7.15 ~ 24 / For 10days)
    19th Boryeong Mud Festival
  • 2015
    The 18th Boryeong Mud Festival (2015.7.17 ~ 7.26 / For 10days)
    This year is the beginning of the year when the festival is designated as a global promotion festival in Korea.
  • 2014
    The 17th Boryeong Mud Festival (2014.7.18 ~ 7.27 / For 10days)
    This year’s theme was " Globalization of Boryeong Mud Cosmetics." This year the mud house created places for beach self-massaging, mud king contest.
  • 2013
    The 16th Boryeong Mud Festival (2013.7.19 ~ 7.28 / For 10 days)
    The 16th Boryeong Mud Festival made its reputation as a global festival under the title of "An exciting experience of mud with the world." It featured fireworks, 7080 concerts, and various events, such as Air Force Black Eagles AirShow, Mud Mime Character Performance, Boryeong Mud World Women's Volleyball Contest, etc.
  • 2012
    The 15th Boryeong Mud festival (2012.7.14 ~ 7.24 / For 11days)
    Increased revenue, increased donations, increased financial independence, and increased visitor traffic from strengthening PR marketing with social networking services. The Mud Festival provided a variety of programs such as live broadcasting on KBS and a linking performance Green Grooves.
  • 2011
    The 14th Boryeong Mud festival (2011.7.16 ~ 7.24/ For 9 days)
    The Boryeong Mud Festival was evaluated as a success in standing on its own by making a foundation and charged program.
  • 2010
    The 13th Boryeong Mud festival (2010.7.17 ~ 7.25 / For 9 days)
    It is selected as “Korea's Representative Festival” for the third consecutive year since 2008, and wins three prizes from IFEA, International Festivals & Events Association.
  • 2009
    The 12th Boryeong Mud festival (2009.7.11 ~ 7.19/ For 9 days)
    Korea's Boryeong International Mud Festival is held in Daeyeon, China. With the attention of the media from all over the world, it has become a global luxury goods festival.
  • 2008
    The 11th Boryeong Mud festival(2008.7.12~7.20/ For 9 days)
    The first year the festival was named “Korea's Representative Festival” by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. Official T-shirts, songs, and dances produced for the festival. The rising popularity of the festival makes the name Boryeong City synonymous with having fun at the Mud Festival.
  • 2007
    The 10th Boreong Mud Festival - 2007.07.14 ~ 07.22 (9 days)
    The 10th anniversary of the festival was held and won gold (2), silver (1), and bronze (1) by category.
  • 2006
    The 9th Boreong Mud Festival - 2006.07.16 ~ 07.22 (7 days)
    Designated as the best festival by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Through the promotion of photos and by enhancing and developing programs, the satisfaction level of festival participants has greatly increased.
  • 2005
    The 8th Boreong Mud Festival - 2005.07.16 ~ 07.22 (7 days)
    This year’s festival was attended by Jennifer Hawkins, the 2004 Miss Universe. With the opening of the Mud Experience Center and the boom of 32,000 foreign tourists, the festival has become a global event
  • 2004
    The 7th Boreong Mud Festival - 2001.07.16 ~ 07.22 (7 days)
    The Mud Festival in 2004 was designated as an ”Excellent Festival” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the second consecutive year. The facility was upgraded with the help of support from public broadcasting and many guest performances such as Japan's Fukubo. This year’s outcome was outstanding; winning the prize for Korean products and selected as the best result among Korean festivals.
  • 2003
    The 6th Boreong Mud Festival - 2001.07.19 ~ 07.25 (7 days)
    The festival was named as an “Excellent Festival” designated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Progress team added Mud Festival character costumes for staff, “mud boot camp”, and “mud marathon” events. The festival was broadcast live by the central broadcasting station and was publicized on the front page of Chosun Ilbo newspaper. An official website for the festival was launched.
  • 2002
    The 5th Boreong Mud Festival - 2001.07.20 ~ 07.26 (7 days)
    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism designated The Boryeong Mud Festival as a regular festival. This year was themed "Globalization of Boryeong Mud Cosmetics" and was prepared by Mud House and associates of the event hall. They diversified the festival's main programs with activities such as self-beach massage and mud king contest. The number of foreign tourists continued to increase.
  • 2001
    The 4th Boreong Mud Festival - 2001.07.14 ~ 07.20 (6 days)
    The 4th Mud Festival reduced unnecessary performances and added more events to participate. Notably, foreign tourists had high satisfaction and through this time Boryeong saw the potential of international tourism. The city built Mud House, which will be at the heart of every Mud Festival. It provides mud massages and allows visitors to buy mud cosmetics throughout the year.
  • 2000
    The 3rd Boryeong Mud Festival - 2000.07.14 ~ 07.17 (4days)
    The 3rd Boryeong Mud Festival, designated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, had a theme called "Mud and Beauty." This popular festival attracted 540 thousand visitors, 93 percent of which were foreign tourists.
  • 1999
    The 2nd Boryeong Mud Festival - 1999.07.15 ~ 07.18(4days)
    We had the opportunity to increase the quality of the festival by improving on the problems of the ‘98 festival. In particular, we added more mud sliding, mud tub (Rodeo) and mud activities during the festival. The festival reported high satisfaction and 89 percent foreign tourists.
  • 1998
    The 1st Boreong Mud Festival - 1998.07.16 ~ 07.19(4 days)
    The “Manse(Hooray) Boryeong Cultural Festival” is a local-oriented event for the promotion of its naturally occurring, mineral-rich mud. As a summer tourism festival, it has become an international event to promote tourist attractions like Boryeong Mud Cosmetics and Daecheon Beach.